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Located just outside of Minneapolis in Elk River, Spray Foam Tech is a building insulation and foundation waterproofing contractor. Started in 2003, we apply both open and closed cell polyurethane foams of the highest quality for residential and commercial structures.

Our factory trained attic insulation installers are experts at everything from spraying rim joists to the complete insulation of multi-unit apartment buildings. It is very important to remember that insulating your home or building is not the place to use the cheapest possible materials just to meet code and save a few bucks. You need to take a look at the whole structure if you want the best energy efficiency.

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Why Spray Foam?

What’s great about spray foam insulation is that it’s an insulant and an air barrier at the same time. Spray Foam Tech recommends this over fiberglass since fiberglass fails to meet these two demands by allowing air to circulate through it.

The risk you take with fiberglass is the reality that air currents flow with warm, moist air from the inside of your structure to cold surfaces where condensation can cause mold to form. Mold in turn creates spores that can create an unhealthy breathing environment. Not to mention that mold can decrease the value of your property.


Will You Save Money?

The simple answer is, “Yes!” A well-insulated home with spray foam will save you money when you pay your monthly utility bills since less energy will be required to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It will also help protect the value of your property by preventing mold from forming.


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